L.F. Wham

About L.F. Wham

Hello reader. Welcome to my website. I’m a fantasy writer that believes the messages we consume through stories matter. You’ll only find healthy relationships romanticised in my books, as well as complex women and dashes of fantasy. I’m a quine living in ‘Auld Reekie’ and still jump at the at one o’clock cannon. In summer,…

My Why

I am a reader who loves to delve into a new world, get to know new characters, see them grow, and relationships evolve. I am so disappointed when the love interest I’m rooting for is revealed to be abusive and heart broken when this is presented as romantic.

I’ve read and watched stories that say men can earn consent through sexual prowess, that sexual violence is what makes a woman strong, that violence against women is devastating because of how it affects a man – but hey, not to worry folks because now our hero’s going after the bad guy!

I truly believe these messages ultimately cause real harm. That’s why I want to write stories with strong, flawed women and girls, that romanticise healthy relationships. I hope that through my writing I can help tip the scales so there’s more positive and accurate messaging about consent and relationships out there. Sometimes I do portray men’s violence against women, but I endeavour to do so responsibly, to show its lasting impact, condemn the perpetrators, and repeat the message that it is never the survivor’s fault.

If you prefer your books free of men’s violence against women (I totally get it), don’t worry. There’ll be a warning, so you can skip that particular story and pick up another. My promise to you is that you can grab one of my stories safe in the knowledge that the romance won’t turn into a horror!