Bound In Essence

She’s fallen into a world hell bent on killing her. He’s sworn to see her back home.

But what if he’s the reason to stay?

Not only is this strange world patriarchal AF – it’s also at war. Amelia has no idea how to get herself home. Nor does the tall, dark warrior who keeps rescuing her. (Seriously.)

Determined, Amelia seeks answers, but this treacherous world only offers more questions.

How did she wind up here?

How the heck does she get back?

And how can she ignore her growing feelings for a man she will have to leave behind?

Sometimes you need to be lost to find where you belong. 

Be swept into this slow-burn feminist fantasy romance and take the journey with Amelia as she battles between choosing home or her heart. 

Content warnings include: sexual assault, general violence, and the use of ‘female’ to refer to women.

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